I am a photographer living and working in Cape Town. My work covers a wide spectrum of subjects, mostly for the publishers of educational books, but my passion is portrait photography. Few things in the world can beat that feeling when my finger presses the shutter at exactly the same time as my model and I connect, and his or her eyes meet the lense squarely and bravely, and reveal ‘something’ – whatever ‘something’ might be.

I am also a closet writer, and work as a freelance editor and proof-reader from time to time. My journalling my way through London, Japan and Peru has inspired me to peek from the writing closet and post some ruminations online. Who knows – somebody might get to read it!

Email me at seastar@iafrica.com and view some of my photographs at http://dhewitson.ifp3.com I also post pics at Flickr and myshutterbug – clearly I spend way too much time online, instead of going to bed at night!

I look forward to your visits!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Deirdre, you should not worry about being a closet writer…you are very good. I loved your accounting of the yomping and was reading about you here and got interrupted by barking dogs, husband, phones, supper, etc. and couldn’t remember what your site was and finally tracked it back down…girl, keep writing…I need to check our your photography. My son is a closet photographer…I’ll have to send him your info. Keep writing…We are reading…I am new at this blogging and sites like yours make it sooo worthwhile…Sheri, http://www.disorganizedorganizer.com

  2. You have an honest and beautiful voice. It is a pleasure to read your blog.

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